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Dancezone WA Welcomes You

We are an inclusive dance and lifestyle studio located in Perth, Western Australia. Whatever your dance goals, big or small, Debbie and her expert team are happy to tailor to your needs; ranging from one-on-one private lessons to groups of over 50 people.  We believe dancing is for everyone (and it’s never too late to start).

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A Little Bit About Us

Established 25 years ago by studio Principal, Debbie Godenzi, DanceZone WA has been teaching people from all walks (and dances) of life at every level across the Perth and Peel region. Known for producing the finest competitive and social dancers, DanceZone WA sets the bar for high-quality dance instruction in a fun, high energy yet relaxed atmosphere.  


At Dancezone WA, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and our doors are open to people of all ages, genders and abilities. To find out more, contact Debbie today. 






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Why We Do It

If you haven't already realised, we're more than just a little bit obsessed with dancing - and for good reasons. There are countless life benefits to learning to dance.⁣ Treat your mind, body and soul and keep dancing get those physical, mental and social benefits! ⁣


Did you know ballroom dance is one of the most productive activities to improve brain and mental health?

Dance is a great way to lift mood and ease anxiety. It's also a fun activity that sharpens the mind and creates social bonds.

Modern science shows that dancing is not only instinctual, it’s also a way to stay healthier and happier at every stage of life. ⁣



No matter which type of dance you choose, with regular lessons and activity, you can expect to derive some tangible physical and mental health benefits.⁣

 Not only is dance a great workout, but it is also good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination. Plus, you'll be having so much fun that it won't even feel like a workout!


Dance requires participants to focus on balance, movement, grace, posture, controls, agility, coordination, flexibility, syncopation, rhythm, and memorisation - all in time to the music. These complex and joyful activities appear to combine in ways that create and extend good physical and mental health and mind-body connection well into our lives.⁣

If you want to learn more about the endless benefits of dance, please contact us here.

Meet The Team

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    Studio Principal

    The heart and soul of Dancezone WA, Debbie has been servicing the community in social dancing, private instruction, school dance programs and coaching over the past 25 years.

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    Studio Manager

    Bev has combined her impressive skill set and passion for dancing by joining DanceZone WA as studio manager. 

    No stranger to the limelight, Bev has modelled for major companies and appeared as an extra in print and TV. Bev comes from a Salsa background of 15 years and pivoted to Ballroom in 2013. She now competes as an amateur in Latin in Teacher / Student with much success thus far.

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    Professional Dance Coach

    Michael has been teaching Ballroom for over 40 years, specialising in Latin. A former Australian champion, British semi-finalist and 4th in World Ten Dance, Michael has passed down his valuable knowledge and produced multiple Australian champions. 

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    Amateur Dance Teacher

    A former State Junior & Youth Champion, currently ranked number 2 in WA in the Adult field, Simon specialises in dance instruction for competitive Teacher-Student events across each age group in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue, with much success thus far.


    Simon is also available for medal examinations, and has a passion for dance instruction to those with special needs and para-dance. 


    Professional Dance Coach

    As seen on hit shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars", Jemma's impressive skill set comes from over 10 years of successful competitive dancing. 

    When she's not traveling the globe with world-class dance troupe "Burn The Floor", Jemma specialises in fitness, Ballroom, Latin and Hip Hop dance instruction.


    Amateur Dance Coaches

    Brodie Barden and Lana Skrgic-De Fonseka are champion Ballroom and Latin dancers from Perth, who have spent a majority of their lives exploring and developing their craft together. Since the beginning of their dance partnership in 2008, they have travelled the world competing and representing Australia, collecting a long list of achievements along the way.

    Brodie and Lana have experience teaching corporate team building events, schools programs, wedding dances, social dancers and coaching competitors of all ages.


    School Dance Program Assistant

    Hannah is a proactive politics and business law student at UWA with experience in dance extending further than ballroom. She is a classically trained ballet and contemporary dancer with an impressive 8 years of ballet training in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.


    Hannah has taught ballet for 4 years and has been teaching ballroom and hip hop with the schools program at Dancezone for 3 years. 

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