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Our unique program has been developed to specifically meet the needs of both primary and high schools while fully engaging all students in dance and movement. DanceZone WA is a Registered Training Facility (RTF) with Dancesport Australia teaching in schools for over 30 years.

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“DanceSport lessons continue to be a very successful part of our culture at Tranby College.


The Year 4-6 students really enjoy the ‘Social’ and appreciate the opportunity to show off their dancing talents to their parents. Every year, we eagerly anticipate the Interschool DanceSport Competition with much excitement!"

-Tranby College Programme Co-ordinator

Dance isn't just an art form - it is a form of physical education with plenty of benefits for the mind and body.


At Dancezone WA, we champion health, fitness and mind-body connection through the power of dance. Dancing is a popular and highly effective way of getting children active and offers a unique style through creative expression.


Our school programs are created to define strong learning outcomes through confidence, respect, health & fitness, social skills, concentration, perception motor skills, all in a FUN environment which can make a solid addition to the school curriculum.

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