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 Helping You Achieve Your Dance Goals, Step by Step

Here at Dancezone WA in Hamilton Hill, we offer dance lessons to suit everyone at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our expert instructors will teach you the key elements of social dancing, with easy to follow instructions and helpful advice along the way. Then it’s up to you – practice makes perfect.

One-On-One Tuition

Private lessons for the beginner individual, couple or small group are always a great place to start. The student is given the full attention of the instructor and will notice a vast improvement to their dance ability over a much shorter period of time. You will learn and improve upon your current skills such as leading, following, and body movement. 

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Special Needs

& Para Dance

All humans deserve to experience and explore the same opportunities, including on the dance floor. Dancezone instructor Simon Mills specialises in all abilities dance with a vision to provide attention, care and the joy of dancing to each individual.

Simon has an Honours degree in Psychology and worked as a  support worker for people with disabilities for 4 years during his studies. Previously working as a program evaluator for special needs schools, he now sits on the board of a special needs institution and owns a business that supports school students socio-emotional well being.



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A Wide Variety of Styles

We offer dance instruction at every level, be it a social or beginner level dancer, all the way up to students studying their medals and pursing competitive Dancesport. 

At DanceZone WA, we offer dance classes across a majority of classic and modern styles with our current styles listed below:

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Proven as one of the leading activities to improve brain health, Ballroom Dance is enjoyed socially and competitively around the world.


Latin is a dance style derived from Ballroom and is known for its energy and passion. Latin dances include: Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Samba

new vogue

The New Vogue dance style is an Australian form of sequence dancing that originated in the 1930s. New Vogue dances include variations of the Waltz and Tango. 

hip hop

We specialise in Hip Hop focused on body and movement set to current music and influences. Not only is it fun, but also a fantastic workout. 


Do you have a little one that can't stop moving? Our unique and fun classes are perfect for kids' development as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. 


Nurturing inclusivity and equality is an intrinsic part of Dancezone WA and our culture. We are proud to express that our doors are open to people of all ages, genders, nationalities and abilities across all levels of dance. We believe dancing is for everyone (and it's never too late to start). 


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